Your Day of Surgery

dayof-photoFor patients having a surgical procedure, please check in at our reception desk 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. For patients receiving a pain medicine treatment, check in 5 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment.

At check-in, we will ask you to complete admission forms and show your picture ID with proof of address (Federal regulation). We will also check your health insurance card and ask for any payment that is your responsibility. Payments may be made in cash, or by VISA or MasterCard. Finally, we will ask you to sign a consent for your surgery, and ask you to take a seat in our waiting room.

A nurse will escort you to the pre-surgery area, ask you to change into a surgery gown and help you place your items in a belonging bag that will stay with you until time of discharge. The nurse will help you get comfortable and place an ID bracelet on your wrist. She will review your medical history again, your list of medications and supplements or their containers. She will start an intravenous line through which medications can be given.

Before being transported into surgery, our anesthesiologist will visit with you to talk about your anesthesia and ask you to sign the anesthesia consent. Your surgeon will also visit, and the surgical site will be marked on your body.

In the Operating Room

You are the most important person in the operating room. Your comfort and safety are our top priority. If you have questions or concerns, please speak with your nurse. When you arrive in the operating room, the lights may seem bright and the temperature cool. If you’d like an extra warm blanket, just ask us.

As part of our routine, the surgery team will conduct a “time out” before beginning your surgery. This is our final confirmation that we are doing the correct procedure on the correct site, and that all the necessary instruments and equipment are ready. We also note if you have any allergies to medications and if antibiotics were given.